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Our Vision and Mission

UNLV’s Top Tier 2.0 Vision

Improving the lives of our diverse students and transforming our communities through education and engagement.

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UNLV’s Top Tier 2.0 Mission

As a minority-serving institution rich with diversity and committed to equity, UNLV:

  • provides access to world-class educational experiences that are responsive to the needs of our students and stakeholders;
  • engages in groundbreaking research, scholarship, professional, and creative activities that have impact and cross boundaries; and
  • offers high-value, cutting-edge interdisciplinary physical and mental health care to support our community.

We create value for the individuals and communities we serve by fostering a climate of innovation, stimulating economic diversification and workforce development, promoting social justice and inclusion of all voices, and enriching cultural vitality.

Our Values

  • Access and Equity
  • Excellence and Integrity
  • Collaboration and Stewardship
  • Compassion and Inclusion

UNLV’s Core Areas

The university recognizes the importance of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, as well as Infrastructure and Shared Governance in all aspects. These foundational goal areas are measured and monitored as part of the strategic plan. The culture of philanthropy and alumni connection is key to everything we do, and an improved infrastructure and a healthy shared government model are pivotal in order to accomplish the goals within the six core areas. The university continually develops and leverages the conditions necessary for success, which includes enhancing our financial stability, creating lifelong alumni, improving our infrastructure and management of resources, meaningful faculty engagement in shared governance, and the capacity for informed decision-making.

The core areas of Top Tier 2.0 their strategic objectives, tasks, and indicators of achievement express the mission of the university. The core areas describe in broad statements what UNLV plans to accomplish and reflect the values that are shared by faculty and staff. Evaluation of the metrics associated with the indicators of achievement will demonstrate how effectively UNLV is carrying out its mission.

Core Areas

  • Advance Student Achievement
  • Bolster Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity
  • Create UNLV Health
  • Stimulate Socio-Economic Development
  • Foster Community Partnerships
  • Promote Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

Foundational Core Areas

  • Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
  • Infrastructure and Shared Governance

More information is available on the UNLV NWCCU accreditation website.